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What a truly fabulous location! Barricane Beach.  A small but beautiful coved beach on the North Devon Coastline.  We were lucky enough to stay at the nearby Watermouth Bay in our Campervan.   So of course, we ventured out one afternoon to take a dip, soak up some rays and just simply lay back and enjoy the rather early summer sun.

A big plus for us was that we were able to take dogs down on to the beach, albeit on a lead.  When we arrived at the beach, it was fairly busy – but not so occupied that we couldn’t find a  a semi shaded spot, to give the dogs the option of sun or shade.  The rock formations either side of the beach provide places to sit, pools of water, little hidey holes for the kids, and consequently just look really really interesting.

The atmosphere on the beach was friendly and we soon got chatting to the family next to us.  Because they were local and visit the beach a lot, they told us about the curry evenings, which are a regular culinary delight on the beach.  There is a drinks and food cafe at the top of the beach, that sells coffees and freshly made goodies.  Indeed, from June to September they serve authentic homemade Sri Lankan curry.  You can eat this on beach, listening to the waves and watching the sunset. A must- have experience of course!

Consequently, we returned the next day, armed with a couple of cool beers and a Jalapeño which doubles as the perfect picnic blanket, and sat down to sample the curry. The meal consisted of 3 small portions of different types of curry.  My favourite being the creamy, spicy, lentil dahl. There were also  poppadums and mango chutney (optional extra). The food was lovely, and just the right amount for us. I would certainly return, and enjoy curry on the beach again. It was lovely!

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