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Jalapeño Equestrian Robe

The Jalapeño Equestrian Robe is made from the same premium quality materials as the regular robe, and is just as waterproof and warm, but has the following features to make it perfect for equestrian use:

  • The equestrian robes are longer and with a slightly slimmer cut. 
  • Side zips to allow riding.
  • Leg straps
  • Double pockets – open for hands and also zipped
  • Peaked hood
  • Outer material returned to create seam on cuffs and hood
Stay warm and dry in style with Jalapeño.
Green Jalapeno Equestrian Robe with horse and child in field.
Black Jalapeno Equestrian Robe with horse in stable,
Sizing for equestrian robes.

Sizing at a glance

For an oversize fit:

5ft – 5ft 6 – Small

5ft 6 – 6 ft – Medium

6 ft + – Large

Children aged approx. 10 – 14 – XS

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