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The Jalapeño robe offers both style and functionality for outdoor enthusiasts.

With its stylish cut and different options, this premium robe is perfect for a range of activities. It comes in a variety of colours, including classic neutrals like navy blue, and racing green. Or if you prefer more vibrant options, take a look at the camo with pink or baby blue lining.

Choose the colour that shows off your style and look great whilst enjoying the outdoors!

Female wearing green Jalapeno near river
Female looking over the pebbleridge at Westward Ho! Beach

At The Beach.

The Jalapeño Premium Robe is a great choice for beach outings. Its warm fleece lining and weather-resistant outer make it ideal for keeping you cosy after swimming or water sports. Plus, the easy-changing design ensures you can discreetly switch outfits without exposing yourself to the elements. So go ahead and enjoy the beach in comfort with Jalapeño – the versatile robe!

Camping and Festivals:

The Jalapeño Premium Robe is a versatile companion for camping trips. You can sit on it during the day or for sunbathing if the sun shines. And then when the evening chill sets in, slip it on to stay warm. Furthermore, the weather-resistant outer shell keeps you dry in case of rain. And after your trip you can throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Just follow the care instructions on the label to maintain its quality.

Equestrian Adventures.

For horse riding, choose the Jalapeño Equestrian Robe. It features side zips and leg straps for comfort in the saddle. Additionally, there’s a Lightweight Equestrian Jalapeño available in camo with pink lining or black with red lining. You can opt for the black version with a reflective hood for extra visibility.

Outdoor Walks with Your Dog.

Picture a cold, crisp day—a perfect time for a walk with your furry friend. Wrap yourself in the Jalapeño robe and take advantage of its pockets. Store valuables in the zipped interior pocket and use the roomy external pockets for treats, leads, and dog bags. There’s even a large interior pocket for hats and gloves.

Stay warm, stay dry, and enjoy your adventures with Jalapeño – the versatile robe!

Horse rider with chestnut horse

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