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The school summer holidays are nearly upon us. Hopefully the Uk weather will be bright and sunny, and we will all be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Here at Jalapeño, we think it is so beneficial to be able to get the kids out and about during the day. Creating memories, learning new skills and simply enjoying the freedom of childhood during the long summer holidays.

If you have swimming or beach activities planned, why not make sure your kids are equipped with our affordable post activity Jalapeños.

We have a variety of options available, and some summer discounts for you to use.

So read on. You’ll find the discount voucher codes at the end of the page.

Child wearing blue Jalapeno at beach
Child walking towards see wearing Jalapeño towelling poncho

For the lightweight towelling robe option, try our child’s poncho:

Quick Drying.

Made from towelling fabric, our ponchos dry just as efficiently as beach towels. When the kids come out from the water, they can slip into their robes, ensuring they dry off and warm up quickly. And as a bonus, the front pocket makes a great place to store all those beach treasures.

Easy to keep on.

Unlike dragging towels, our towelling ponchos stay securely in place. Therefore, no more shivering kids or constant adjustments!

Protection from the Sun and wind.

As we’re well aware, the British summer can be quite unpredictable. Whether your child requires sun protection or an extra layer to combat wind and sand, the Jalapeño poncho is the perfect solution

The ponchos are lightweight, making them ideal for travel abroad.  Or why not pack them for camping trips, to make those journeys to and from the showers so much easier.

After a fun day at the beach, children can wrap up in their soft and comfortable Jalapeño ponchos for the journey back home.

Added Bonus!

And as an added bonus they are great to slip on after swimming lessons all year round. No trying to wrestle your damp child into their clothes. Just slip on their Jalapeño poncho, and drive home. No stress!

Alternatively, for a piece of outerwear suitable for outdoor-wear all year round, try our child’s Jalapeño premium robe.

This is offered in a choice of three colours. It’s weatherproof, warm and durable. It is also machine washable or can be wiped down – so very child friendly!

Child next to waves at seaside wearing Jalapeño towelling poncho.
Father and son at beach

Whichever you choose, here are some great discount offers:

Buy one child’s premium robe and get a half price towelling poncho.  Use code: Summerextra

To get £5 off your child’s towelling robe: Use code: Kidsfive 

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