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Trevone Bay – an idyllic beach cove on the North Cornwall coast, perfect for days out with the family, open water swimming, and dog walking. Dogs are allowed on the beach between October and 15 May, and before 10 am and after 6pm from 15 May until 30th  September.  This spot is perfect for open water swimming as the cove is sheltered from the prevailing wind, and the rocks enclosing the beach provide the ideal ledges to leave your belongings tucked up away from the investigative noses of dogs whilst you are in the water.  The beach is served by a car park which is within easy access, although not particularly accessible for prams and wheelchair users.

There is a ramp down to the beach, but during our visit it was covered in rocks and pebbles.  Unusually there is a sauna in the car park, which was lit and heated during our visit – although we didn’t try it out.  I imagine this would be quite an experience after a cold-water swim if you feel inclined. There is a nearby shop, and a restaurant with lovely sea views.  The Southwest coast path runs along the cliffs above the beach, and it is well worth the walk up the path from the beach along the cliff.  The views are spectacular and before too long you will come across the “Round Hole” which is a natural phenomenon of great geographical significance.  It is an 80ft blow-hole formed when a sea cave collapsed and is like nothing we had ever seen before.

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