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What is it about the sea that makes you feel so good? On a fine day, is it a beautiful blue sky juxtaposed against a sandy beach, or is it the smell of the seaweed and sea salt?  Perhaps it is the feeling of a sea breeze on your face, or maybe a childhood memory of ice creams and donkey rides? Whatever it is, in the words of the popular British music hall song, “we do like to be beside the Seaside”!

The feeling of rejuvenation after having taken a dip in the sea for those who are hardy enough to embrace the UK waters is undeniable. And lets not forget the health benefits of a regular dose of vitamin D – nature’s daily supplement! The body manufactures vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight, and from approximately April to September, most people can obtain the required amount of vitamin D just from being in the UK sun. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body and these nutrients help maintain healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

Seawater offers a wealth of benefits, especially when enjoyed in moderation. Let’s dive into the details!  The salt in the water cleanses and cleans the skin and the magnesium found in seawater has beneficial health properties.

The air around seawater is full of healthy negative ions which help enhance your mood and enable the body to absorb oxygen more freely. These negative ions are particularly prevalent near moving water. They integrate and refresh the body and get back the feel good factor, so don’t delay plan your trip to the seaside today. And yes, don’t forget  your Jalapeño changing robe – it’s the perfect companion for seaside adventures!

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